Travel photographer checklist with “Dream plan go” by Piper Mackay

If you have never heard about Piper Mackay before, you should look her up on the Internet. It should be easy, it feels she is everywhere nowadays ;). She had a couple of guest posts on Digital Photography School, one about traveling to remote locations to photograph and the other more about photo workshops. She was also interviewed by Valerie Jardin for Digital Photography School at one point.
And if you have never heard Piper Mackay talk about going to African safari and her passion for what she does, listen to this interview with her and Laurie Rubin for Nik Radio. Especially if going to Africa was not on your bucket list. Believe me, it was never on mine before I heard that. Africa was the place where adrenaline junkie type of people go for vacation. Now, I really want to go myself, as I realized what unique experience it can be. And if I will go, it will probably be with Piper Mackay, as she is on top of my short list.

However, the “Dream plan go. Creating mesmerizing on a journey of the lifetime” e-book released just last week by Piper Mackay is not about Africa. At least not directly. With 55 pages, it is full of great advice how to make the most of of your important trip, photographically and otherwise, regardless of the destination. It can be a national park down the road or exotic trip to China. The e-book will help you avoid the most common rookie mistakes. It is, in shortest, the great photography travel guidebook.

There is a wide variety of subjects covered in “Dream plan go”. There are some organizational issues, like tips for hiring a guide. There is a section devoted to preparations for the trip, items like finding the right time to go (and what consider doing that, like weather or local festiva;), and gathering items for packing, not only photographic gear are discussed. There are quick photography related trips, starting from learning the customs and treating “photographic subjects” to diversifying the shots and using natural light and flash. To see in more detail what you can find in the e-book, click on the index page on the right to see the larger version.

My favorite tip from the “Dream plan go” is to prepare the shot list. In fact, this advice can be taken from at least two different sections of the e-book. The one thing is important- coming prepared is the only way not to loose from sight the photography and images you came to make in the spur of the moment or not to get overwhelmed by new environment. By doing research beforehand as well as considering creative options, the list can be as detailed as you want or as wage and general, if it works better for you. And you also do not need to stick to it, but I feel having it helps. I will have a chance to try it on my next trip out of town.

And although “Dream plan go” is not about Africa, there is still many of Piper Mackay images throughout the e-book, not only in the section with photography tips.

If you would like to save yourself “rediscovering of the wheel” and really prepare well in advance for an important photographic trip into remote location, than “Dream plan go” is right for you. You can purchase it as instant download, compatible with just about every device- Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, at the Flatbooks store for just $9.97.

So, where do you want to travel to photograph?

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