Tulip Time festival

Tulips field, ready to bloom

Pella Tulip Time in Pella, Iowa is one of my favorite small town festivals around where I live. The town take advantage of its Dutch heritage to its fullest. There is the parade, antique car show and art market are a nice break from everyday life, but most importantly, there are tulips in every corner, and of all colors.

Festival always happens in the first weekend of May, and with spring being rather unpredictable, each time it turns out differently.
Last year, the tulips were ahead of schedule, we went earlier in april and barely any tulips were left. This year, most of the tulips bloomed on time, and even the late winterstorm which threatened the festival did not destroy them.
There were, however, the areas where the tulips were only getting there, creating another unique photo opportunity. Then, past the snowstorm, a day of rainy weather came, making the light even but dull.

To get this beautiful image of translucent petal, it took some serendipity. It was part of the indoor flower show.

Petals of an orange and red tulip

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