Under sun

A late and short post today. I am working on overwhelming task of sorting through all the images I took this weekend during Goraszka air picnic. I started from 3206 photos, and already culled it to 1665 by removing all out of focus and cut-out pieces frames. But I am still far from having a batch of sharp, well composed and interesting picks. On the other hand, I have my absolute favorite photo.
I got it due to pure luck of being in the right place at the right time. Goraszka is a 2 day even with 4 air shows, which have pretty much the same teams presenting. It was third time Flying Bulls were presenting, and I was not even watching, I was strolling along the sellers booths. I stopped to wait for Tomasz, and snapped it from where I was, getting this ideal placement of planes going in different directions just under midday sun.
I reduced the contrast between the objects in the photo using Contrast Mask technique, which I believe was first used, in wet darkroom, by Edward Weston.

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