Vertical lines

Our short photowalk this weekend was not as unsuccessful as you might expect from half an hour in the park. As I mentioned yesterday, we got there later then we wanted, the road to the corner we wanted to go was closed for winter, to get there on foot we needed at least half an hour, and the trail was just a muddy melting snow, which made my hiking boots wet too quickly for my tase. Yeah, I know, I am whining, I probably could have predicted all this stuff and just go somewhere else. But when we stood in the snow maybe 100 feet from the parking, wondering what to do next.. I looked around and started seeing pictures. And then my husband took a camera and shoot some more. And I saw something else, and then he did. It reminded me of this creative exercise where you take 20 different images in one spot. I don’t think I took twenty, but surely 10. It was fun, after all.
I have seen some of those static objects panned images on several blogs recently. I have not shot them in a while, and almost forgot how fun they are and how interesting effects you can get. In this particular image, the sunset light gave this warm tones, very pleasing.

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