Vintage oven

Another one from our weekend in Living History Farms. This one is from Italianate Victorian Flynn House build in 1870. In plain English- a big and well equipped house of the wealthy Iowa framer, with running hot and cold water and gas line to the house for chandeliers. Neat. We spent probably good couple of hours, photographing interiors in this house.

There is something magical in old, coal/wood ovens. Every time I see one I can almost feel the heat and smell all those wonderful (and way to sweet and greasy) things my grandma used to bake on one of those. There is only one thing missing though – no wood oven is complete without fire fiercely burning inside. But wait, we’ve got an ap. er flash for that! Quick application of remotely fired SB-800 with orange gel on top and our oven is nicely brought to live. You can almost feel the heat…

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