Vintage printer’s metal types

I remember when I first saw an image using the Blue-n-Gold polarizing filter from Singh-Ray, and fall in love with the effect. It was on David DuChemin’s blog, a postcard from Italy. Few unsuccessful tries to achieve the effect in Lightroom, and I gave up. I decided to put money away to buy it one day. I still cannot justify the expense of something affecting the aesthetic of the image in such elusive way. It is in a way similar to Lensbaby or HDR- I have periods of using it exclusively, and then I leave it alone for a while.

When I saw Blue and Gold preset in the package with Sean McCormack latest e-book “Essential Development”, I knew I had to try it. I do realize that polarizer is one of the filters which effects cannot be exactly mimicked in Lightroom. And the software effect is nothing like. Yet, the combination of cool and warm tones are just so pleasing. It also gives the image this old photo feel, combined with right subject, works wonders.

And if you are into presets, check out the “Essential Development” package with its 85 assorted Lightroom 4 presets. It is last day of $1 off introductory price with code DEVELOP6 at checkout!

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