Waxing Gibbous

Last week, I rented Nikkor 70-300 mm from LensRentals. It was pronounced “Nikon’s best kept secret” by Moose Petersen because it apparently provides great sharpness for small price. This is one of the reasons I am eyeing this lens for a while now, and wanted to get my hands on it to see if I would like it. I thought extending me telephoto from 200 mm on my workhorse 18-200 mm would be useful for birds and airplanes. The birds I had planned for last week were in town apparently in passing, and before the lens arrived, they were gone. Those focal lengths are not particularly useful for my typical shooting style, of lanscapes or environmental views, so over the weekend I kept changing it back to my 35 mm. And now I have mixed feelings. I knew it will be a bit of special purpose lens. But right now I am thinking, well, maybe I can just rent that, or any other telephoto, when I need it.
On the bright side, we could take one incredible image with that lens. The moon not only occupied recognizable amount of space in the frame (well, not that much, but I figured I have pixels to spare on my D300). But those incredible details on the surface… Couple of days later, when there was full moon, I wanted to repeat the session. Well, it was cloudy :(.

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