Weekend on my deck

Blue jay

It was a lazy weekend. I spend most of it not getting out of the house. Typically, I find it rather boring. This time, I took it as opportunity to sit with my two cats at the deck door and observe what was happening outside. And usually, there is a lot happening there.

This time I did not see any cardinals, which made me a bit disappointed, I love their bright colors against the snow, they surely add an accent to a winter landscape. Well, everybody else was there, and it includes flocks of sparrows, downy woodpecker who oftentimes snacks on the feeder and on deck in turns, blue jays, black-capped chickadees, and dark eyed juncos with their white bellies. Some of them, like chicakadee, are very shy, almost impossible to photograph as they just grab quickly a seed and fly away. Some, like junco, linger longer and become the main subject for a day.

Male dark-eyed junco

The trick to have time and good point of view is to pour some seeds on the deck, not only in the feeder. It was the idea we had to keep pur cats entertained, with birds lingering just on the other side of the glass, so close they can hear each other. The truth is, we enjoy it too.

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Female dark-eyed junco

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