Where the lakes meet

This weekend, we went for a walk in the late afternoon to catch sun setting on the lake. In fact, on two lakes. We leave in the area between two artificial lakes on Iowa River- Coralville Lake and Lake McBride. The lakes are separated only by the dam. I was looking at the Photograpehre Ephemeris to determine the best sunset point on the lakes, and this what pope up at me. So there we went.

The sunset was spectacular, with those low hanging clouds, letting themselves be just touched by the red light of the setting sun. The waterfall crated by the waters flowing from higher situated Lake McBride into Coralville Lake provided focal point for this image. The two things made this image. One, it is an HDR, which allows to preserve detail both in the water and the colorful sky, regardless large difference in the brightness of both. Second, sometimes it is worth to tale landscape in the portrait orientation. Not my idea, this time, although I knew the horizontal orientation was just not working, it was husband who thought that turning the camera will help. And it did.

Coincidentally, there just was a post on LightStalking about just that – “Composition: When to Landscape a Portrait and Vice Versa”. Check it out!

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