Wing condensation on F15

One of preparation steps for Quad Cities Aishow was renting the right lens. Last year, in Goraszka, my 18-200 mm did a decent job, and I was not missing much on the long end. We decided to get Nikkor 80-400 mm then. It is not a light lens, so I had the moments when my hands were barely able to keep it, and longing for at least a short break. Also, a few years ago at Oshkosh, this lens produced quite soft images for us, which later turned out to be a focusing problem on the camera. Even with that fixed, we were worried. Luckily, there was no problem this time. Even my shaky hands were able to produce a lot of sharp photographs. Some stunning like this wind condensation on F15 military plane. Thank goodness for the humid weather of Iowa summer, which made it so pronounced!

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