Winter in Iowa

Winter is my favorite season, and winter in Iowa is where I want to be. There are those day of beautiful weather, with sun shining strong, the sky is blue and clean, and well, temperature is missing, occasionally. It is not that easy to show on the images this sunny, frosty feeling on the midday, but I am certainly gonna try this year. This is a country road behind my house, hilly and spotted with few farms along.
Don’t forget to click on the image to see a larger version!

This image created some behind the scenes controversy and discussion about the composition. The reason I photographed the scene this way and in post-processing did not cropped it “properly” to the golden ratio or the approximation of thereof was to keep the tree on the left as a whole. Now, below is the image cropped in 5×7 ratio to keep the sky in the frame, and cropped with rule of thirds. Honestly, I don’t see or feel a difference.
Anyone wants to share their thought in the comments? Which one looks better to you and if you can see an esthetic difference at all?

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