World in motion

“This photograph/portfolio/post reminds of this image I took that one time…”
Do you know this feeling? I just gathered a collection of blog post inspirations. These are links to pages which made me think of an old image of mine, long lost in the vastness of my Lightroom catalog.

Today is the first of this, rather diverse, series of posts based on links to other sites. It by itself was inspired by more than one page, three to be exact:

Gobi Impressions part 1 and part 2 by David DuChemin
– Blurred sea by Robert Schlaug

All three of those galleries show images made by panning on the static subject, a landscape. It is a technique allowing to simplify the scene, turn it into an abstract of colors. I really enjoy creating images like this, which is very easy. Just slow down a shutter speed and start moving the lens. The trick is to start the movement before you press the shutter, and continue past the time the shutter closes. Experimenting is the key – trying with vertical or horizontal pan, changing the length of exposure. It will depend a lot on the scene, time of the day etc. It is very funny technique, and you never know what comes out.

If you know any other photographer with online portfolio of similar images, share the link in the comments!

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