After Worldwide Photo Walk


Last weekend I have lead my first photo walk. It was part of the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk event. I had a very small group, and we spend the mid-morning walking around the farmers market in small town in Central Poland, Zarki. The walk was focused on street photography, with some architecture on Old Market towards the end.

Farmers market on Saturday is a busy place. When I was scouting the walk during weekday, people were more relaxed and open. With far more foot traffic on Saturday, we had fuller experience of street photographer. We encountered all the reactions from open protest against photographing a merchant or even his products (what is copyrighted in a basket of eggs, I ask?), to total indifference to some open interest in what we are doing and willingness to be photographed. Of course, these are those negative experiences which stay with you, like the guy who insisted he has nothing against his merchandize being photographed, as long as you asked before.

I will be sharing few of my tries in street photography over next few days, when I finally organize all the images and settle back at home after trip to Poland. I already shared my shots of variety of products and patterns from the scouting trip. Meantime, I am glad I signed up to be a leader. It was a great experience, in preparing and leading a walk. I am already making plans for next year, although most probably not in Poland (unless they change the season again!).

Photograph courtesy of Rafał Czapaj-Atłas
Photograph courtesy of Rafał Czapaj-Atłas

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