Worldwide Photowalk contest entry

Last week, like more than 34 thousand other photographers in 1111 locations in the world, I went out with my camera for Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photowalk. I was in Poland this time, and had not too many choices of locations. I settled with a town of Rybnik, mostly for a few practical reasons. But no regrets, it was a great walk and I met interesting people. You can take a look at our group photo here, or check images in our Flickr pool.
Today is the deadline for the photo contest, and I decided to submit exactly the image I thought I might submit on Saturday :). On the downtown promenade, there is a fairly new cascade of simple and beautiful fountains. They were just a perfect subject to work with. The wide angle views and abstract close-ups, slow and faster shutter speeds… I was actually torn between two similar images, and went with more monochrome and abstract one. This image is all about flowing water. A friend of mine suggested contrasting sharpness on the image a bit more, and it actually worked out quite well. I added clarity and sharpness on the water in the pool, and tiny bit of blue tint.

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