Worldwide Photowalk – Zarki, Poland

I am thrilled. While I am visiting my family in Poland, I applied to lead a walk during Scott Kelby’s Wordwide Photowalk – and I go approved! I am glad it took them a while, it gave me time to think of the possible route. All was left to do when I got actually approved was to go out and check it out in the field.

So, next Saturday, I will be leading a walk in downtown Zarki, Poland. The walk web site (in Polish) can be found here. I chose the time of the local farmers market, after similar experience in Minneapolis with Valerie Jardin not so long ago. There will be ample opportunities for street photography shooters (many faces, families, buyers, farmers). For those not comfortable with it, there is sufficient patterns, colors and architecture, in the market, and on the way back to the parking and get-toghether restaurant.

I did not have much experience shooting in Poland, especially not people in busy areas, so I was encouraged to see how people reacted to me sticking the camera to their merchandise. Many were starting the conversation with me (I know, it probably should be the other way around, I will work on it ;) ), and some even wanted to be photographed.

Check also tomorrow a post with some more colorful images from farmers market in Zarki.

plum farmer