Year 2010 in Korwel Photography

I really like the idea suggested by Jim Goldstein for last few years already to compile and share your best images taken during the passing year. You can read his post from 2008 on Digital Photography School and see, where the whole idea comes from and what to focus on to learn the most from the exercise.
Last January, preparing the post summarizing my photographic adventure in 2009 was a great fun. So, I decided to do the same thing this year.
Previously, I focused on diversity of subjects, and I wanted to show many different themes and techniques. This year, I am coming to realize that I need to start working on projects, to generate concise bodies of work. I needed a single theme for my summary post. I was wondering for a while what is my favorite photographic subject, especially the one I would follow all year long, and at first, I could not think of one. Until one day I noticed that there is a common thread showing up on my blog entries, to the point I needed to limit myself in the amount of plant and trees I post. So I though, if this is indeed the subject I tend to photograph, I should be able to go through my Lightroom library and for each month choose one interesting image for this single thematic presentation. It created a nice years-end gallery, summarizing my exploration of gardens and parks last year. Enjoy.

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