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St Paul Cathedral, St Paul, Minnesota

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Looking back

When I thought about the summary of the passing year in my photography, at first I have not felt like I achieved any major milestones. And yet, a closer look at the images and blog posts revealed I got done quite a lot. Let me shortly summarize some of the highlights.

  • I participated in broader photography community- for charity (Help Portrait) and for fun (lead my first photowalk during Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk event)
  • I engaged in Google Plus communities and projects, systematically submitting images to Macro Monday mini-themes and participating in ROYGBIV color projects. The last were particularly interesting, since it forced me to think in terms of projects and made me generate some of my favorite image series, which I then printed and hang around the house.
  • I have spent a lot of time poring over photography books, from old masters to contemporary ones. Almost each one of those books ended up in Exploring the masters series on blog.
  • I replaced my good old D300 with newer DSLR, Nikon D800, and added two film cameras to my toolbox- Nikon N65 and Lubitel 166. Now, each time I go out, I can choose which camera goes with me, based on size, weight and other totally photography related features ;).
  • I opened Korwel Photography store, where my favorite images are available to purchase as prints or digital downloads. Far more work will need to go into galleries for this store…

Most importantly, I was shooting, shooting, shooting. Giving a try at 365 project (more about that coming soon), I was keeping at least one camera with me all the time. And then, more images than ever got black and white treatment, and I feel I gravitate towards simplicity of those. Some of my favorite (and highlights of last year’s work) are accompanying this post.



What’s coming next to KP?

I am not sure just yet. Certainly more black and white work. First, Iowa State Fair is all B&W this year, so I want to create some great images to submit to the context. Also, it will be a theme at the local club meetings, so I expect to listen to a lot about the theory of B&W shooting and conversion. I was also admitted to private G+ community/mentorship program, 256 Shades of Gray and will be working on weekly assignments.


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