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Curtains & light (2)

Curtains & light

I wrote about Uta Barth last weekend, in the “Exploring the Masters” series. I really enjoyed looking at her work, especially “To …

Shadow of the purple hook on a wall

Shadow on a wall

I was walking through my living room on one weekend morning, when this image caught my eye. I went back to get …

Three windows reflection


Today’s post is a personal take on Eli Reinholdtsen portfolio of reflections. I did an extensive review of her e-book yesterday. Until …

Old wall

Old wall

This old wall, or entrance, is a part of the same palace I showed on Monday. After finishing off photographing the whole …

Dzierzoniow Bailey

Vintage castle

Today, looking for something cool for the post, I went back to photos I took during spring trip to Poland. I found …