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Bonanza in flight

Bonanza in flight

Another air to air. This time I had beautiful light, so close to sunset. We were flying over the lakes, and my …

Morning dew on yellow lilly

Morning dew on a lilly

A bit of breath from airplanes today. One of my favorite from the latest visit to Dubuque Arboretum and Botanical Gardens. Each …

Dianthus chinensis (China pink) covered in dew

Morning dew in the garden

Some of the trick in getting a good photograph is just being in the right place in the right time. The first …

Geese in fog on cold winter morning

Ducks, fog and snow

I took this image middle November. That’s when we got first snow this year. I grabbed the camera in the last moment, …

Nature's spiral of sea shell

Sea shell spiral

Looking for something spiral for this week Macro Monday mini-theme, this shell ended up being me model. I used blue background, one …

Polar bear pleasure

Polar bear

This great swimmer was a most popular attraction of the Como Park and Zoo in St Paul, MN. He was performing his …