An orange

I saw this orange with its green leaf in local grocery store. Not a typical view in Iowa, middle of winter. I brought it home, and shot some orange with orage juice images for my microstock portfolio. I was working in my home studio, with two strobes and typical set up for seamless white background. As I try not to post same images which on blog and submit to my portfolio, I thought I will shoot some just for blog. As I was not very successful in the past in getting Lensbaby blurred images into agencies, and I really love the effect the lens gives, it was a chance to play with it. I like how this lens renders colors. I am not sure about the physics behind it, but I sometimes feel that it is overexposing or makes things brighter. Also, in this image the blur gave the direction to texture on the napkin. I post-processed it to retain some of the noise in the image to accent it even more. It goes well with the texture on orange skin. And the contrast of colors isolates the subject well.

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