On prints

Happy New Year!

This post is quite special, because it’s not only New Year’s post but it is also a post number 400.

I wanted to do something special, and I decided to share my latest passion. It is to choose my prints for printing, printing them (I recently stated to use WHCC), framing (we did a post on it here), and hanging it on the walls around the house. It started last summer, with Tomasz printing his panorama of the Seabase in Oshkosh, which filled the empty wall in our bedroom. Then after we did a HDR series of planes at Green Castle airport (can you see a trend here?), and we wanted to share some prints with the club, we printed some for us as well. At this point the framing idea came, and now, as we have still a lot of walls to fill, it became a habit. It is fun, both to search for prints which we like, and then find the spot for them, and see how they change the mood of the room. Just look at few examples below, and scroll down to the poll.

How are you treating your photographs?
Vote in the poll, and see what other readers do.

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