One of my personal resolutions for this year is try to improve my shooting technique in as many areas as I can. Obviously one can’t be master in everything, but I believe that practicing different kind of photography makes you better photographer in all of them. Just keeping the camera in hand, setting up the composition, shooting pictures and then post processing them makes you (as we pilots say) not only current but also proficient at what you do. And then you’ve simply have more time and resources to focus on things needing your attention when taking a shot.

So to fulfill this resolution I’m trying to come up with a list of things Iza and myself could shoot to become simply better photographers. One of the position on this list was ‘water droplets’. Photographing water droplets is a little tricky assignment because you don’t really have absolute control over what is going on on the set. Most of the time it’s just trial and error. But you just have to shoot until you get the one you really like. Here is ours:

Frying pan as a water tank, two Speedlights with color gels on them, fast shutter and over 500 shots taken to get this nice looking contour of snail :-).

Shooting water droplets also trains your reflex. At the end Iza was able to catch almost all of them.

This isn’t the first our try to catch some water droplets. It definitely isn’t the last one either. I already have some new on the list. Stay tuned…

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