Take a tour of my blog – The 7 link challenge

I know that the challenge was thrown on the ProBlogger Blog Tips over a month ago, but I needed the time to think it through ;). I figured it will provide some guidance, especially to the new blog readers, on what this blog has to offer other then my photos. Once or twice I week, if time allows, I am trying to provide a longer article with some photographic tips from my own experience, and mostly these are the posts which I am going to feature here.

1) My very first post

All I can say- be gentle. I had my DSLR for 5 months, and I barely was understanding relationship between aperture and shutter speed, so the fact that I cut out the top of the dome was far on my list of the things to check before releasing the shutter. Honestly, I am still making the mistake sometimes…..

But I also able to dig out my first tips post.
It is a short article on reorganization of my photos storage and trying to understand better how Lightroom Library module and image organization works.
My system changed a bit since then- I keep all my photos on external hard drive (unless I travel, then they are temporarily on the laptop hard drive, and after I am back, they are moved WITHIN LIGTROOM to the external hard drive). My Lightroom catalog resides on my laptop, so I can review or sort images even if I am not at my desk.

2) The post I enjoyed writing the most

It was a post I am very proud of. It took me a lot of time to write it, and it is quite long and well illustrated.

Maybe I am not the expert at photographing airplanes and airshows, but I do it rather systematically, and gain some more experience each time. I really enjoy photographing airplanes and cars, for that matter. I decided to organize all my experience in a single, long post, illustrated with appropriate images from the recent outing. The additional advantage was, that I had both good and bad examples for most points!

3) The post with great discussion

I am not 100% sure it qualifies, as it was kind of “guest post”. This post was not placed on my blog, but my image and my story behind the image was presented in my words. It was followed by the great comments on my gooseberries image composition and how it could have been improved. It was my first critique experience, and I found it very useful.

4) The post on someone else’s blog I wish I have written

It caused me the most trouble, really. I guess it was the biggest reason I haven’t sat down and write the 7 links post earlier. In my longer, tips driven articles I usually talk about technical aspects of photography, not about philosophy. So the “I wish I wrote” this post is exactly what would not come very easily to me.

There are a few blogs which I systematically follow and which provide some inspirational content and make me think more about my photography. Sabrina Henry’s Learning Photography Chronicles is one of them. This particular post articulates her thoughts, which I share, on growing amateur photographers numbers and presence, online and otherwise. That we are not, for most part, competitors for all the pros out there, getting their clients or assignment jobs, but a great source of additional income.

5) The most helpful post

I chose this post here, because it is one of the most often visited posts on the blog. I see in my Analytics that people find it after Google search for relevant keywords, and I really hope they find it useful.

6) The post with a title I am the most proud of

This one was not easy either. As I was looking through my posts list, I discovered that I am very practical and down to earth with my titles. No gimmicks and word games. Unless… it is Tomasz who writes the post. I find this one the funniest so far.

7) The post I wish more people have read

This post generated a bit of discussion, but I was really hoping for more. I put not only a lot of work into writing the post, I am also very emotional about the subject. I still have a strong opinion against Woopra, and I hoped for more people to comment in defense of the “real time analytics”, so I can see their arguments.

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