Taking different approach with “Sense of place” by Younes Bounhar


The premise

One of the popular photography myths, especially for less experienced photographers, is the need to go to some exotic and/or exciting place to find great images. Things and places around us seem just too mundane to be worthy photographic subject. The premise of Stuart Sipahigil “Close to Home” e -book was to teach you how to discover interesting subjects to photograph right where you are and how to turn mundane into great images.

At one point, however, you start discovering the real truth. If you are not able to create great images in the place familiar to you, you also will not be able to take great images in the hurry and excitement of the short trip to even a fantastic place. You come back with cards full of cliches and really disappointed. After all, a photograph of a great subject is not the same as a great photograph (who said that?). Right where you live, you have more possibilities to explore the subject in different light, weather, times of day, and really develop an intent, the story you want to tell and best way to tell it. And this is where Younes Bounhar comes with his just released “Sense of place. Finding your eye at home and abroad”.


The e-book

“Sense of place” is a an e-book designed to help you to develop a photographic eye to see those great images in front of you. By doing you homework when you have time, on a photo walk in your town, you will be ready when you are in new place with limited opportunities.

Younes Bounhar teaches by offering a number of creative exercises. Some of them are just rediscovering basics of photography process, like looking for compositional elements or knowing your camera inside out. Most of them, however, are designed to get you out of the photographic rut, and most importantly, get you to try something different, new, experiment and be creative past what you typically do, past “your style”. This is what I found the most intriguing about the e-book- how author seems to consider a photographic style (something probably most of beginners try to find and develop) a bad thing. In his opinion, abandoning the style makes you come to the scene with the open mind, and thus see more photographic possibilities and come back with better images.

Overall, “Sense of place” is just an e-book about photography and creating evocative imaginary. By changing your approach, and treating each place as new, exciting and loaded with possibility, your collection of keepers will just keep growing, regardless of how many trips you take a year.


The value

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