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Mosquitos in piece of amber, Audubon Insectarium, New Orleans, Louisiana

Forozen history

Well, maybe not exactly frozen, if you think literally about it. The history stopped in a piece of amber is certainly frozen …

Photography books

Exploring the Masters

“Exploring the Masters” is a series of blog posts based on finding photography books in local library, or doing Google search to …

Newspaper shop, Living History Farms, Iowa

Newspaper shop

Another favorite from last weekend visit in Living History Farms. One of the buildings in town of Walnut Hills is their newspaper …

Old carriages, Scott County Park, Iowa

Old carriages

We took this image during our last visit to Pioneer Village in Scott County Park, Iowa. It is the old blacksmith shop …

Tea pots on 18th century exhibit of European decorative art in Metropolitan Museum

Tea pots

I just have almost two weeks of sightseeing behind me. I have seen probably every major museum between Iowa and New York. …

Amish buggy on country road

Interest and respect vs Amish buggy

There was some discussion on photographing people with and without their knowledge recently around the blogosphere. Sabrina Henry was protesting against forcing …